How to Video

First sign up to become our valuable client, with your valid name, valid phone number ( Phone number should start with 32.......), valid email and a password. Don't worry, We have security to protect your information. Then, you will have a profile Page ( your own page) , where you can see your orders details. As our valuable client, we will serve you our best. For this moment, method of payment in cash and dishes for take out. Sooner, we will expand our service to delivery and more payment option.

We recommend you please make order online. For first time, may you're hesitant to sign up and place order, but then you will love that curryfood at your home. It will be easy for you and for us too, better then by telephone. Any time, you can see your past order details in your profile page at your home. After first time, you can place order just with a few clicks of the mouse. You can note anything in the "Note", when you place order. Don't worry, we will receive your order details on our computer at the moment you place order and if any shortage of food or inability to accept order, we will call back. You as our registered client, we will try our best to prepare your order perfectly. if you're not sure just make an online order, we will call back in a minute. If it's your first time online order.

When add dishes to cart, Please specify in the "Note" between rice or naan with your prefered dish, Every dishes included Rice or Naan in the price , We will not accept mixing like half rice or half naan . You have a option to choose in the category "Extra". You can write any special instruction on the "Note" like spicy or non spicy.

Normally we prepare all our dishes as non spicy. If you prefer spicy, please indicate in the " Note", when you place order.

Our opening time 11h30 to 15:00 and 17h30 to 22h00.

Midday, you can place online order until 15:00, and can take out until 15:30

And in the evening You can place online order until 22:00, and can take out until 22:30

Discount or any special offer you will receive, only if you place order online.